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Text Messaging for Businesses

gTalk® Business Text Messaging is a service that allows organizations to utilize SMS messaging for customer support, sales, recruiting, marketing campaigns, alerts, reminders, and more. Business TextMessaging helps to scale up processes and simplify communications between customers and the organizations.


  • Enable your sales or customer service teams to text customers.
  • Text marketing campaigns, alerts, reminders, and more to prospective customers.
  • Send announcements to team members in the field or office.
  • Strengthen your relationship with customers by making it easier for them to communicate and respond faster.
  • Reach out instantly to potential customers and watch order-stream filling up faster.
  • Speed up your process with quick and convenient communication throughout the sales cycle.



  • gTalkĀ® Business Texting is a fast, friendly, and convenient two-way communication channel that makes people feel valued. Build stronger relationships with customers and create better customer experiences.
  • Able to send and receive SMSs using organizationsā€™ existing Business Phone Number (BTN). No need of separate number for SMS.
  • Systematic archival of incoming and outgoing SMSs for future references and/or analysis.
  • Upload your contact list to send SMS.
  • Create contact group to send bulk SMS.
  • Create SMS Template and use it any time.
  • Create SMS Schedule and start sending text on time by the system.
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